What Extreme Types of Sports Can Be Practiced at Ski Resorts

There are many types of winter sports. The majority of people choose that sports that do not suppose high risk. Though, there are some travelers who love extreme sports. Such travelers can choose ski resorts that propose different types of extreme sports.

The range of risky winter activities grows every year. New sports types are introduced into the offer of the most famous winter resorts. It is good to keep in mind that practicing such activities is quite expensive.

Sports to Try

There are several extreme activities that top one adrenaline significantly. If a person does not have a specific fear of speed or height he can try one of the modern extreme sport. Here are some activities that can be practiced:

  • Ice driving. The most modern ski resorts propose fine entertainment for drivers. They organize ice driving. Drivers are proposed to drive on a limited part of the road that is very slick. The drivers have to know to master the process of driving. It is not easy to maneuver on such a road. Such activity should be considered by experienced drivers only. Otherwise, one can harm himself on the road.
  • Airboarding. This is a risky activity that children really love. This is actually a modern way of sledding. One has to lay on a specific airbag. The riskiest people practice airboarding on the most complicated the mountain ski lifts.
  • Speed riding. This a perfect activity for young people who master skiing. This sport allows a person to increase the speed of speeding. It also permits flying in the air. This is possible thanks to a kite.
  • Fat biking. It is an excellent extreme sport for travelers who love biking. The special fat bike has unique tires. It allows crossing dangerous mountains. Fat biking is proposed by the most innovative ski resorts. The person will be accompanied by a guide for such a trip. It is very important. It will help to avoid troubles when practicing such a dangerous activity.
  • Snowkiting. This is a perfect activity for adults who do not love too risky sports. The kite helps to ski quicker. It is easier to overcome hard parts of mountain ski lift with such equipment.
  • Ice climbing. If one is fond of hiking, the ice climbing is the right activity for him. Ski resorts usually have experienced staff, who will make sure nothing happens with a climber. Ice climbing can be realized on ice waterfalls or on frozen climbing walls.

Today many people want to try extreme activities. If one decides to practice one of the listed ones, it is good to book a place in advance. This way a tourist can be sure he will get his portion of adrenaline.

The price range for practicing extreme winter activities depends on the complicity of equipment needed and time. Ice climbing will cost around 70 dollars for a one-hour session. Within the range of 100$ – 150$ one can be sure to find a perfect winter activity.

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